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Decision Tree Analysis Workshops, Courses, and Presentations for Lawyers and Mediators

Workshops or other program formats would tailored to your practice contexts.   Examples of past offerings are listed below.

Workshops and courses


Decision Analysis for Lawyers I &II, Introduction and Beyond the Basics, developed and presented these two-day workshops for lawyers and magistrates, at the Center for Practice, University of Cincinnati College of Law  (2006-08, 2012-13).


Mastering Decision Analysis for Mediation Practice (one day workshop) U.S. District Court Mediators, Pennsylvania Middle District  (2015).


Evaluative and Activist Mediation, Decision Analysis, and Representation in Mediation, Summer Faculty, Hamline University School of Law, Dispute Resolution Program (2003-06). (Courses included practicing lawyers.)


Decision Analysis Workshop course, Summer Faculty, North Carolina Central State University School of Law, Summer Program Faculty  (2007-2009). (Course included practicing lawyers.)


Advanced Decision Tree Analysis course (one and two credit versions, University of Cincinnati College of Law (2006, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2023, in addition to introductory module on decision tree analysis within in a client counseling course, once or twice annually from 2007-2023.)


Shorter Programs and Presentations 


Decision Tree Analysis for Lawyers, Lawyer’s Club of Cincinnati (2022).


Mediators Climb (Decision) Trees, ABA Section on Dispute Resolution Conference (2019).


Science for Artful Client Counseling Under Conditions of Complexity, High Stakes, Uncertainty & Unwelcome Realities, two-part program on client communication techniques and basic decision analysis, for CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, St. Louis, MO (2015).


Decision Analysis in Practice, Cincinnati Inns of Court (2014) and Kentucky Inns of Court (2015).


Advanced Mediation Practice Challenges for Court Mediator Panelists, two day-long workshops in the Eastern District of Michigan, under the auspices of the CPR Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution. Both included significant modules on decision tree analysis and their application in mediation practice (2000 and 2006).


Evaluation in Mediation and Mediators’ Introduction to Decision Analysis at JAMS/Endispute (1996). 


Publications related to Decision Tree Analysis for Lawyers and Mediators can be found here.

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